Join us at the forefront of changing how we leverage science in society

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Get the tools to build a better future

Do you want to spearhead a movement to to make the Nordics global leaders at  research commercialization?

Deep tech and academic research can radically address some of our world’s biggest problems. MIMIR Fellows will give you the tools and network to tackle these problems head on.

Educating a new generation to bring research to markets

MIMIR Fellows will educate a new generation of entrepreneurs to have the readiness to take university research around the Nordics to the market.

The program will spark dialogue between key stakeholders: researchers, TTO officials, university leaders, entrepreneurs, policy makers, investors, industry organizations, and R&D intensive corporations and provide the Fellows a platform for igniting change.

Bridge the gap between academia and society

Get a chance to see how exciting working with research can be. Learn how to apply commercial skills in a case-solving setting with real impact.



The intensive weeks with around 40 guest lecturers will be held May 22 – June 2 at Hanasaari.


All Fellows will work for a R2B project, spinout, or VC during the summer.

Study Trip

The final project of the program is to plan and execute a trip around a key theme to a prominent startup hub in the fall.




What is the bootcamp?
The intensive weeks will be held at Hanaholmen in Espoo on May 22 – June 2, 2023. As the title suggests, these days are filled with program. We want to foster curiosity and intellectual flexibility through a wide range of leading experts in both academia and practice sharing their expertise on research commercialization and entrepreneurship. Each week day is centered around a theme and consists of four sessions with experts in their field. Due to the small group size and interactive setting you are guaranteed a chance to learn from each of our speakers by asking questions.
What if I cannot attend the bootcamp?
Attendance for the entire duration of the intensive weeks, May 22 – June 2 (including the weekend) is mandatory. As the group size is limited to 12 students and the level of guest lecturers is very high we cannot allow any absences. Think of the intensive weeks more as a series of 1-on-1 meetings than regular classes. In case of double bookings (e.g. exams) absences are granted on a case-by-case basis. Kindly contact us asap, with your own suggestion on how to make up for your absence.
Where can I intern?
The companies applicable to MIMIR Fellows are: university spinouts or R2B projects, venture-backed high growth startups, and venture capital funds. The purpose of the internship is to put your learnings from the intensive weeks into action and help you reflect on the different themes covered thus far. The requirement is a minimum of two months full time work. Landing an internship or full-time position is a pre-requisite for joining MIMIR Fellows, but don’t worry, we’re here to help! You can start your job hunt already now if you wish. Just keep in mind that you get fair pay for the work you do. If you are already working for an applicable company or research project you are more than welcome to complete the internship at your current company.
What is the purpose of the study trip?
Study trips executed as part of the program will create links to top universities and experts worldwide. The program concludes with a week long study trip to a known startup hub chosen by the students, who will play a key role in the organising of the trip during the course. Leadership in any field requires strong global networks. Through study trips to leading startup hubs and joint programming with top universities the program has global reach.
What if I cannot attend the study trip?
The study trip will be in the fall, but deciding on the exact dates are up to you as a group. As such, we expect to find dates that the entire group can make work. Attending the study trip is mandatory.
How much time should I reserve for the program?
The program is designed to correspond to 10 ECTS of work excluding the internship and time spent abroad. During the intensive weeks we recommend that you do not have any other commitments –this has been a key feedback from all previous Fellows. During the summer you should reserve time for preparing the study trip with your peers. This can take surprisingly much time, and is likely to require you to get together as a group regularly throughout the summer. The exact duration of the study trip is up to you as a group, but will likely be around one week.
How much does the program cost?
The program is free for those that complete it and commit to contributing to the broader mission of MIMIR on a part-time basis in 2024. If you choose to discontinue the program or are unable to contribute in 2024 you are expected to cover the costs of organizing MIMIR, including program, accommodation, and meals.
Where is the bootcamp organized?
In 2023 the intensive weeks are organized in Hanaholmen in Espoo. You’ll be sharing a room with another Fellow, with breakfast and lunch included. We will spend the weekend at a cottage in the metropolitan area. You can find more information on Hanaholmen here:
What are the deliverables of the program?
The main deliverable of the program is to design and execute a trip around a theme of your choosing. In addition, you are expected to write three short reflection essays to support your learning throughout the program.
How do I prepare for the program?
Once accepted into the program we will share a reading list with you ensuring that you know the basics and proceeding common ground for the discussions during the intensive weeks. We will have a short oral exam to check your knowledgeability on the key themes a week before the intensive weeks. In addition, you will be expected to prepare two questions for each of the guest lecturers in advance to ensure fruitful discussions during the intensive weeks.